And I'm hoping that you know that...

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REPOST #3 - Sagittarius is twice as likely to become famous than other zodiac signs. Cancer, Libra, Virgo and Aquarius jointly come in second.

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"Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear."

George Addair  (via thymoss)
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my favourite part of shakespeare plays is the person at the end that is like “see how these people fucked everything up. don’t do this. look at this fuckery. look at it. fuck this. fuck everything.”

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I remember the happiness before we were reborn, when the Earth was still one country and the Moon had its kingdom…but in the end, the Earth and Moon warred, and that happy time crumbled to ashes.

Sailor Moon Manga | Act 9

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the new slogan for

i will not rest until this gets a million notes

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Because polyblank tagged me for six selfies of some sort or something. I’ll be honest; I didn’t really read the rules or whatever. But, these are six that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have come out thanks to some paparazzi. I’m pretty sure none of them are more than a year old, except maybe the blonde. That one could be a little over a year, but not by much.

And this is the part where I tag some people. If you’re up for it, I’d like to see these gorgeous ladies that I don’t think I’ve seen yet: nova-arcania , aperture-living , porcelainpenguin , theatrocityarchive .


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tumblr friendships are hard to maintain like im sorry i know i havent talked to you in 5 months but you’re still super rad and i still consider us friends im just dumb

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This is the face of freedom. #SprinkWorks